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Chicken coffee morning - with photo!

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My hens love it when we take 'elevenses' outside. They love it so much that this morning my husband ate a bun indoors so as not to be made to share :lol:


My solution to their enthusiasm, OK - greed, is to take them a 'chicken biscuit' which is what we now call plain rice cakes or those rather nice Corn Thins. This is usually a distraction so I can enjoy a little something in peace.


I didn't believe my husband when he told me that Josie had enjoyed the dregs of his coffee, but today she made a beeline for my mug when I put it down at my feet. I was trying to fend off Mathilda who had hopped into my lap to make sure I wasn't eating some goodie without fair shares.


I couldn't resist grabbing a snap of Josie's coffee-habit :D


Please rest assured that my hens do have loads of fresh water, and that in future they will most certainly not be indulging in any caffeine.... :shameonu:



Make mine a latte next time... by jenthelibrarian, on Flickr

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Love it!! ... :D


With two big bumbly girls I wasn't use to having people leap up onto a table for their share...until I acquired my Royal ex free-rangers in June....I too now have Chicken biscuits for sharing so that we can eat in peace....otherwise there is a beady eye about an inch from my nose demanding when I am going to share.... :lol:

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I love it, Jen ! I have a purple garden bench that I sit on to have my morning coffee. I often have a couple of my little "friends" join me (sometimes on my knee) but usually my black coffee is safe. Mind you, the time I took marmite toast out with me, I did get mobbed!!

(btw Jen, I'm a librarian too. Sssh :shh: )

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