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Impacted/Sour Crop Help

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One of my girls seems to have either or. She is still an absolute gannet, always first to any food/treats and is my best layer, giving me an egg nearly every day which are much bigger than the eggs from others, so it's not affecting how she feels at all. She has had a very low hanging featherless crop for about 3 months, which is also bright red! I have tried live maggots, massaging (feels like a tangled ball of grass to me) and recently oil (which being greedy she drank from a bowl before realising it wasn't that nice!). I have only given her about 5 layers pellets today and for the last 3 feeds (just so I can separate her from the others to feed them properly) Is there any thing else I can try? Thanks in advance

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Hate to say this but I have just lost a girl due to crop problems - she'd had impacted crop but unfortunately even with 3 day starvation, massage etc. her muscles just didn't return to shape and her crop area was bald - caused by rubbing on the perches as they roost, and the vet said sour crop would set in and therefore we made the decision to put her to sleep..... Unfortunately if your girlie has had this enlarged crop for 3 months it doesn't sound too good, but I would suggest a vet visit. He would be able to tell you whether she will recover or not. In Spice's case, her muscles had gone too far and there was no muscle movement at all anywhere in her digestive system (did ultrasound scan to look for blockages etc.) even after muscle stimulatory injections...... My previous Speckledy too had sour crop in her last couple of months, but in fact she had to be PTS for a massive abdominal tumour - if she hadn't had this, I expect she would have had further crop problems..... :( Sorry I can't give you much encouragement - wish I could...... :(

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