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My broody Summer

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So, this Summer saw my first experiences with properly broody hens, and I thought it was interesting how different they all seemed to act.


I had Berta (buff orpington) who was kind of panicy, whenever I lifted her off the nest she would run around all in a tis, until she could get back into the nest.She was also oddly placid, and didn't mind you trying to move her off the nest, until you succeeded I eventually let her hatch a clutch of eggs, and she's done a fabulous job!


I then had Magenta my naked neck, who was a vicious broody. If you tried to move her she would snake her head around and peck whenever you got near enough, I tried explaining it wasn't polite, but she was having none of it. :notalk: she eventually gave up after about 9 days


Anyway, this week, I now find my other orpington, Babs, has decided it is her turn. Now, Babs is a big lass, and managing to get her through the cube egg port is no mean feet, especially when she is being the stroppiest broody EVER! I lift her out all day (well, I did on the weekend, my mum does it otherwise)), carry her to the other end of the garden and then guard the cube for a while. She is not a fan of this, and swells to an enormous size, spreads her wings and shrieks! when all the others have eventually laid their eggs I lock the door for good and then she stars beggering about on the cube ladder (for those who don't know, Orpingtons are not known for their grace when it comes to the cube ladder)


Anyway, that was my broody summer (and hopefully the end) anyone else see any crazy chicken behavior in the broody months?

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This year has seen my first experience of serious broodiness! As they all gave up laying at the same time, I just waited until they were all in the run before shutting the eglu door behind them. Lulu would stomp up and down the run grumbling, before finally making a nest for herself in the run and lying there all day grumbling and glaring at me whenever she saw me. I inadvertantly discovered how to break the broodiness when I forgot to let them back in one evening! I had a late night myself so it was 2am when I was locking up the house and realised the pekins were still in their run, cuddled in a corner :oops: I let them back in the eglu. No sign of broodiness next morning though 8)

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We're experiencing our first broody right now. Our Columbine (Cheech) has been nestbox bound since Friday, or would be if we didn't keep turfing her out. I though she was over it yesterday though as she spent the time from early evening til dusk actually up and about in the rain. But no, this morning she was back in broody mode.


I shut both girls out of the Eglu this morning once I'd pushed Cheech out into the run as she has been trying to hatch the big stone in the nestbox. I didn't realise that our Bluebell was so close to lay-time though - poor thing had to lay her egg in the run and by the sounds of it she was NOT happy!


I'm wondering about using a broody cage but as rain has stopped the completion of the new WIR, we're limited to the Go and its attached run, and obviously a cage won't fit in there. I'm assuming that as long as the cage is sheltered from the elements I could stand it next to the run so that the two girls can still communicate? We don't have foxes so I'm not too concerned about predators. The other option is to bring the cage indoors for the three days. What would be best?

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We don't have foxes so I'm not too concerned about predators.

strikes fear in my blood to hear folks say this.

Unless you live on the channel Islands , or have security fenced garden,there are indeed foxes...

sorry no iffs or buts..

Any how..loving reading this as I came on to ask if there is such a thing as just a bit broody :lol:

Mine goes from oh yes definitely (but is the placid kind when nesting n her open shelf :lol: )

to manic in the garden and looking like she has forgotten about it although I have noticed that whilst appearing to have forgotten there are a ridge of perked up feather between her wings?

She seems more forgetting whilst it is cooler and gets broody when the sun comes out again?

I gave her a cols bath the other day which she seemed relieved about, but the effect did not seem to last for long :D

This is all new ground for me too..

Facinating!!! :D

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We have also had the dubious pleasure of first one then all three broody bantams! We had several weeks of them occupying the nest box in the cube before trying the cold water bath trick, which we had to repeat. Not sure that this did any good as there was another full week before thankfully they have decided to give up.... it now looks like one of the buff orpingtons is starting to moult!!! Any tips would be welcomed, am really hoping that they start laying again soon because I feel a right fraud buying eggs and keeping chickens!

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