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Prolapse advice please

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I've posted in the clinic as well as i'm just hoping for some advice!!?


About 2 days ago one of my girls had what looked like a very messy vent, pulled her out and cleaned her up, it seems it was an egg that had broken on it's way out.


Today I notice same thing, only this is really red.


Im presuming its a prolaspe as her bum is littlerally hanging out.

whilst i was cleaning her up she laid a soft shelled egg, the have access to grit and have been on calcium supplement for about 2 weeks.


I've cleaned her, put some purple spray and some antibacterial vets powder on it. and pushed it back in. It's since fallen out again and She is now in a box in the shed to get some respite from the others who are pecking at her.


Is there anything i can do to help my poor girl. All suggestions greatly recieved!! thank you!

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If the prolapse happens again clean it up and sprinkle it with sugar then put it back in, the sugar will help shrink the prolapse so there isnt as much pressure


You can use the palm of your hand pressed down on the vent for 20 mins or so too


The box is the best place for her as its dark and will alow her to sleep, that and a bland diet for a few days (wheat if you have it) will help her body heal, a few days and she should be ok


Overweight birds are most at risk of prolapses so try to keep her svelte if you can


If the prolapse keeps happening there isnt much you can do for her sadly

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Thanks, i'll try that!!


I've put her in a seperate run with a big cover over it as the box got a bit wrecked over night.


I'm so hoping she will be ok, she's fine in herelf apart from her poorly bum. She's fairly svelt anyway, i think she was straining trying to lay a big one (as she does occasionally).


Thanks for you advice, one sugered bum coming up! :pray:

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I've given tikka a warm bath and cleaned her bum. I've also put some preparation H on her inside and out.

I gently pushed the prolapse back in (about 3 cms) and held her vent closed for about 5 minutes.


Vets anit bac powder and purple spray. Now in the hospital wing (the shed) on minimum rations.


I'll check on her in a bit but everything crossed it will stay in, if not it's to the vets for hopefully a suture!!



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