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Pepper not laying

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OK - puzzle time. Pepper is now 2 1/2 years old; a Black Rock who laid brilliantly for the first 18 months or so, then had slight niggly symptoms similar to Pepper I who died, so I whizzed her to the vet who gave her Baytril. She's now recovered, although slightly scraggy plumage wise, and an occasional slightly mucky backside....... Her comb is still bright red, as are her wattles. She's healthy and happy in herself, verbalising normally, but here's the strange thing. She visits the nesting box nearly every day, but has not produced a single egg in over 3 months. Is it possible for a chook to look like she's in lay (ie bright red comb) but yet be sterile??? Or if she was sterile, would her comb be pale? The eggs in my nesting box are definitely from the other 3 girls (unless Pepper's have suddenly changed colour, shape and size!!)

Anyone else had a chicken like this? :eh:

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I have one like this - a white star - not a single egg for 3-4 months. She's only just turned 1 year. Healthy, no symptoms. I have checked the whole list of "what to do if your hen isn't laying blah blah". Mine visits the nest box too, gets me all hopeful....then......nothing!


Annoying isn't it?

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