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Some Pics

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Hello - I love the Appenzellar. She is just gorgeous looking. I need a white egg layer to mix in with my other colours. How much do her eggs weigh? and is she calm or very flighty?


I think I must be coming down with a touch of that Morehens Disease again :lol:

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My appenzeller is great. She is laying everyday at the moment and her eggs are about 50g and pure white. The eggs are small but she is a small hen, she is half the weight of my massive light Sussex and here eggs are often similar in size. I bought her at POL and I was expecting her to be really unfriendly from what in said in a book but she is my friendliest hen I would say. She follows me everywhere in the garden and has flown up on my arm before like a parrot. She will let me pick her up but does not like it and she squeals but I haven't made an effort to get her used to this so I think she would be fine with more handling. She can fly well but has never flown over my garden fence only once did I find her roosting on it when I forgot to put them back in the coop. I would definitely recommend them, they have great characters and make the weirdest noises! They are also very hardy- mine insists on running about on her own in heavy rain when the others go back into their run :roll: So they are good if you want a hen that looks different but does not need lots of care like a Poland.

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Love your Appenzeller and Barnvelder. Lucky you to have those breeds. :!: There is another breed lurking there too is there not? What is she? A Road Island Red?


By the way, to re-size pictures

1. load up your picture,

2. then double click on it so you get just that one picture,

3. hover your mouse near the top of your picture and a button saying 'resize' comes up.

4. Select 320 x 240 and

5. click the confirmation button when the 'are you sure' message appears.

6. Then click on the IMG code box on the right which will copy the code that you can then paste (ctrl V) into your Omlet post.

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Thanks for the instructions chubby chook I will try and resize them later :) the one in the background in a buff Sussex.

Well done you zakjon for the re-sizing and I'm :mrgreen: as :mrgreen: about your buff sussex. I once had the chance to get one of these and was so silly as to turn it down on the 'no room at the inn' grounds. :doh: I've kicked myself ever since.

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My chief baby is a buff Sussex - imaginatively named Buffy. She is lovely, so inquisitive and a very pretty little lady. She is about 12 weeks old now and is beginning to look less like a giant chick. Must get photos sorted. Her tail, which I was worried was down when we first got her, actually has a mind of its own and is more expressive than any chicken tail I've ever seen (not many but still!) :D


Love the pics of your girls.

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