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Neighbourhood Watched!!

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Did anyone see the programme Neighbourhood Watched, on BBC1 on Thursday last week?

It was about a housing authority and the problems it has with it's tennants. One tennant was keeping around 6 hens and 2 cockerals in the back garden of his house. They were left to roam freely and seemed to spend alot of time in the neighbours garden, there was only about a 3ft fence between the 2 houses. The neighbour had complained about the noise and mess that they were making and that the cockerals were nasty with her children and dog. She couldn't have her back door open because they would go into her house and the dog wouldn't go outside.

They managed to re home the cockerals but the hens were left. I was shocked how irrisponsible the owner of the hens was and how he thought it was ok for then to wander onto other peoples land. I really felt that he was giving chicken keepers a bad name.

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I must admit one of my chickens hops over the 3 ft fence into next doors garden :oops: However he doesn't like fences and made a fuss when we tried to put a higher fence in :roll: he also doesn't like chickens in his garden but 3ft fence and free range chickens mean he can only get his way on one of these, so whilst I was embarrassed when she came charging full pelt down his garden when he was having a garden party the other week there's not a lot I can do

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