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Should I be wearing gloves for chick with diarrhoea ?

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Poor Heidi (17 weeks old) had to go to the vets yesterday suffering with diarrhoea.

She has been given medication and the vet said to wash her bottom as often as possible and dress her with vasoline.


I have been washing her with warm water and those little cotton wool pads and then drying gently and then putting on the vasoline.

The trouble is, sometimes she squirts one right on my hands/fingers :vom: . I know she can't help it but after I wash my hands with lots of soap and hot water, I can't help thinking they are still dirty. Should I be wearing gloves really ? Or is a good wash enough ?

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Most supermarkets sell fairly cheap disposable plastic gloves - could you get some of those? Or perhaps keep one pair of rubber gloves as 'chicken bathing' gloves, wash them over each time, and them ditch them when she's better?


I'd be getting a wee bit obsessive/compulsive if I were in your shoes right now, so lots of sympathy!

I'm sure you'll be fine if you can keep it in perspective and make sure you wash thoroughly.

Maybe treat yourself to some lovely posh hand-cream when this is all over?


I expect you can tell that I don't know the answer, but I'm sympathising like mad here :?

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I always have a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning out the chookhouse and a pair for health things.


Yesterday I had to wash a rather mucky chook bum (new chook, old ex batt) and the stench was absolutely awful and all the feathers were matted together with poo :vom::vom::vom: so I donned the gloves of doom and altho i rinsed them in bleachy water I could still smell it so they were promptly chucked in the bin!!!


So yes, I would definitely recommend a pair of gloves (nothing worse than the smell of poo under your nails) and I also recommend NOT wearing sandals whilst blowdrying the chicken as when you then put it on the floor the 'squirt' of diarrhoea on your foot will also make you :vom::vom::doh:

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I am a bit squeamish about anything to do with poop or puke... :vom:


This is not entirely chicken-related, but as many chicken-keepers also have other pets, I have to say I have fallen in love with this gadget:




Has dealt with cat-puke, and with chook-poop that was accidentally trodden into the carpet. The best bit is that you can store it with the cleaning solution/water loaded, so it's only a matter of dragging it out and plugging it in.


Not a cheap toy, but well worth it for my sanity!

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