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Watery poo in POL - should I be worried?

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I have had my three new girls for over a week now (to supplement my ageing flock of 4 ladies). I have kept them separate and are just starting to introduce them to each other this week.


The youngest of my new girls-Amber (barred Rock) seems to be drinking a lot of water and also doing some very watery poos! The poo is clear - ie not white, with some normal looking green stuff ( sorry for anyone who is now feeling queasy!) :vom: She is quite quiet, but is happy to be picked up and seems to be eating her pellets ok.


Is this normal for a young bird? Her comb hasn't really developed yet and she hasn't filled out - quite skinny. I think it will be a good few weeks before she comes into lay.


I got them all from a reputable breeder who says they have been wormed and vaccinated.


I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much :D

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by no means an expert so taking a guess, but drinking a lot of water is a symptom of worms and watery poos are a symptom of drinking lots of water. Could it be that the person you got them from has only used Verm-X and actually she has worms - might be worth checking and getting some flubenvet down them?

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