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Slugs are driving me crazy!

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I hate slugs, and am actually quite squeamish about them. :? They're disgusting..!! I swear, I think they can teleport as they end up in places they simply have no right being.


One touched my hand this morning while I was doing the grub, I was nearly sick... I have been pathologically scrubbing my hands like Lady Macbeth, and still can't yet handle food comfortably *shivers*.


I should lay more beer traps, but resent giving the little b***ards my beer. The Ladies don't eat them at all... even the small ones are free to wander without risk.


My wife goes around with a fork, and stabs them, deftly flinging them over the fence (I think this solves the getting them on their back problem?).


I think the only solution around the coop is beer traps. Even an old shallow breakfast bowl will suffice. Our raised beds are pelleted, but all our beds are nicely netted, and the Ladies don't bother them.


On another note... ha there been a decline in the hedgehog population in europe? I haven't seen a hedgehog all year... not a single one. :(



I have just this minute discovered that slugs don't like copper, and you can buy anti-slug copper tape. It's used to make barriers to certain areas, and the chickens won't try and eat it either. Now I'm not sure about the logistics of protecting the chicken run, but I'm going to give it a try.

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Im feeling everyones pain, I too am outstounded by the amount of Slugs we have had this year ! Little "Ooops, word censored!"s got into my bloomin treadle feeder and clogged it up, I have been known to do a bit of slug flinging.


Ive tried all sorts to rid my sluggs but we seem to have HARDY slugs, slate chippings doesnt phase nor the copper tape and they ignored my beer traps. We did have a few frogs that eat them but Im wondering if my girls have frightened them away ? as with the hedgehog.

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2 ways to get rid of slugs which I think (don't quote me) are chicken safe!

1. put a jar with a few spoons of cornmeal on its side in the run (at night when the hens are sleeping! :shh: ) apparently the slugs love it and eat loads then die!

2. Dig a hole and sink a jar of beer (with a lid to cover in the day or you will have drunk chickens!! :lol: ) the slugs are attracted to the yeast and plop in ! :vom: Just empty and refill.

They hopefully will be attracted to these rather than the food or hens!!


Let me know if you have any success! :dance:

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