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Sick Chicken

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I have a very sick chicken, she did not come down with the others yesterday just sat in the cube, eventually lifted her out and she took some water and ate a tiny amount.


My Cochin had a cold so all my chickens are on Tylan in the water, they have recently been wormed.


Hillary my welsummer (my very sick chicken) has no discharge her chest was clear and no mucky eyes, she does have runny poo but has not eaten very much for 48hrs so I presume it is this is why.


She is just coming into lay so is a young bird.


Separated her and took her to the vets this morning, the vet gave her an injection and some anti -b s, she is now in a box in the spare room, not eating or drinking, i have tried to give her some nutri-drops and water via syringe but she will barely open her eyes let alone her mouth, she is refusing all treats and has not perked up since having the injection so I know it is not looking good- the vet has no idea what is wrong with her (they are very good with chickens) so presumes it may be an infection with a high fever, the vet wanted to give her a chance rather than PTS as she is is a young bird . She is now sat in a dog crate in the spare room just sleeping.


Is there anything else I can try to get fluids/food into her? I am very new to chickens so any advice is very gratefully received.


Thankyou in advance

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Hi it sounds a bit like one of my Pekins.


She went very lethargic and in the end just stopped doing anything. We took her back to the breeder who took her in to try and perk her up. Unfortunately she didn't make the 2nd night with him, though he did get her eating.


To encourage her to eat he used a heat lamp and said they'll always eat if you warm them up, he was raising chicks so put her in with them and gave her mixed corn. We still don't really know what happened but his best guess was that she had a stroke.

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Thanks for replying.


I tried put a luke warm ho "Ooops, word censored!"er bottle with a towel in her box, but she had what looked like a seziure and died f last night.


No idea what it was :( as she showed no other symptoms other than sleeping and not wanting to open her eyes, she also did not respond to the vets injections which usually perk them up if only for a bit.


Fingers crossed my other girls are ok.

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