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Worming and prep for newbies

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I really need some advice on worming alternatives and am hoping you can help me.


I have lost 2 of my hens in the last week as they were both egg bound. The vet confirmed this. I have one left who has only laid one in the last 2 weeks and she ate it.


I was told it could be my fault that they died as I forgot to worm them. No excuses. I just didn't do it. I feel horrendous. Anyway, I can't get Flubenvet for love nor money - apparently there is a national shortage, and what I have left is out of date. I hear rumours that pumpkins can be used to worm. Have you any experience of this? Are there any other methods? What happens while pumpkins aren't in season?


I have booked to collect three ex-battery hens in a week's time. Apart from a deep clean of the eglu, what else can I do to keep the ex-batts well?

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Sorry to hear about your girls :(


From research and posts on forums I have learnt that Flubenvet is really the only method when it comes to worming, I use Verm-X too but it's to help against parasites rather than for 'worming'.


There are a couple of threads over at the other forum where people have managed to find some Flubenvet/Marriages (including Newland Poultry has stock of Marriages Pellets with Flubenvet but it's selling fast):






Can you quarantine the ex-bats? I don't have personal experience of introducing new birds, but I would make sure the two groups you have are separate for a while to make sure both your new and existing birds don't infect each other. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can come along and help!


Good luck!



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Thanks for the info about the pellets. I'll call them shortly. I don't live far from there so I could pop and collect some.


As for the quarentine. The lady I spoke to when I booked them didn't seem too concerned about it, I did explain my losses. She was more concerned that I introduce them quickly otherwise they batts could bond and pick on my remaining one here.


It may not be worms anyway. I have a friend who got her hens at the same time as me, same batch and she's never wormed hers and they are really perky but I will warn her that it may be an issue. Maybe it's worse than to have forgotten rather than to have never done it? I'll see if I can track down a pumpkin and done of these pellets.


Thanks again

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You really need to use a veterinary wormer rather than 'alternatives' otherwise you are left not knowing whether they are truly free of worms. Verm-x is a herbal supplement, not a wormer. As Flubenvet is out of stock your vet may prescribe Panacur (doesn't do all worms but better than nothing) - they would have to see a bird first. You can buy it online but it isn't licensed for poultry in the uk so it would have to be used 'off license'. Personally if your Flubenvet isn't horribly out of date and hasn't been exposed to damp or extremes of temperatures, I would use that.

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I thinks its terrible that you were told it could be your fault. It certainly is not!

Worms arnt waiting for you to forget to worm before pouncing.


I have used pumpkin seeds but it wasnt effective as I have a hen at the vets with a worm burden that they are dealing with. Hopefully shes home today. (A recently purchased hen)


I bought my flubenvet in pellets from Happy Chicks so you may be able to get some from there online.


Wishing you all the best with your new hens.

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Personally I'd routinely quarantine any news birds for at least a couple of weeks and treat them for worms and lice/mites.


I'd use your 'old' Flubenvet as it's still likely to be effective unless it's been left unsealed or got damp. I certainly wouldn't rely on any herbal 'alternatives'.


I suspect that Flubenvet will be available again soon when they've sorted out their production so you might want to wait until then anyway; a quick call to Janssen may give you an idea of when it will be back on the market.

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Thanks everyone. I picked up a sack of pellets mixed with flubenvèt today as apparently the manufacturers are awaiting an ingredient from abroad and until they get it, production has ceased. Had a lovely chat with the nice lady at Newland Grange Farm near Malvern today as well as the ex-batt rehomers and as they are vaccinated u to the hilt there's no need to quarantine and as the hens don't know each other it's better to get them together ASAP.


I'll just have to see how we go. Still no egg from Poppy. Hope she perks up and starts laying soon.

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