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Chicken shopping today! *Now with photos*

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Well, due to the sad loss of two of my girls in the last few weeks, we are now down to 3 hens. So methinks some new arrivals are in order! :D


I've had two lots of ex batts in the past, but am going for 'posh girls' this time for some more reliable egg laying. Ex batts again next time maybe?


So, hubby has given permission to go chicken shopping... unsupervised :shock: ... Will be a huge decision what to get, I've never been presented with a choice before!


Will update later when I've returned from my expedition.

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I'm back! I went to get 4 little brown hens and came back with a bluebell, a coral, a speckledy and a rhode rock :lol: All as yet unnamed apart from the little coral who I think will be called Pearl.


All at point of lay, but two already laying and two yet to start. I'm looking forward to getting some eggs again!


I had a fun experience putting them into the pen. Hubby and I spent quite some time this morning dividing the hen pen in two to separate the new girls from the old girls. I put the new girls into their half of the pen, only for the bluebell to immediately flap over the divide in with the old girls and the speckledy to launch herself out of the pen into the garden (where she refused to be caught :lol: ). I eventually managed to corner her by the chicken pen fence - which she obligingly flapped over.... into the old girls' side.


So at this point, with two hens in the wrong side of the pen and so sign of squabbling, I figured it would be easier to take the divide down and let them get on with it. The old girls have spent the last hour scurrying round trying to avoid the new girls - wimps!


I think wings will be clipped after they have gone to bed tonight and I can get hold of them (if I still have them by then!).


Photos to follow once they have settled down a bit and stopped being so jumpy.

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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, the new girls are all so lovely but I think Pearl is a real sweetie - I've developed a real soft spot for her already.


Unlike Opal (Speckledy) who was found parading round the garden a short while ago after having jumped the fence again :roll: Hubby and I have just gone out armed with scissors and clipped her wing - cue much shouting!!! She's a feisty one, that girl :lol:

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Well, what an entertaining day we have had today :roll::lol: Despite having a wing clipped, Opal has escaped from the pen 8 times today :shock: We were fairly certain she was looking for somewhere to lay an egg, so did at one point scoop her up and shove her in the nest box. She sat there for a few minutes until being apparently buzzed off by Quartz (despite there being 2 nest boxes!) where she then took up the escaping routine again. Eventually, at around 6pm she headed up to the nest box by herself - we thought she must have been bursting by then! When she eventually emerged I galloped out in eggcitement to find.... absolutely nothing! Clearly she was experiencing the hen equivalent of braxton hicks :lol: Thankfully she settled down after her little nest box adventure. Quartz, on the other hand, DID lay an egg which caused me to perform the egg-dance (well done girlie!). Then, come bedtime, Pearl escaped twice from the run looking for somewhere to roost :roll: Thankfully they are now all safely tucked up in bed and I have flopped, exhausted, onto the settee with a large glass of wine! (Definitely having ex-batts again next time, so much easier!)

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Ideally a lid on the run would be the best solution. Unfortunately it's just not practical as the run is the bottom 1/4 or so of our garden fenced off. As long as they are only hopping over the run fence into our garden and not over the neighbours' fences into their gardens then I can live with it for the time being. I'm fairly sure that they won't hop into the neighbours' gardens as we have 6ft fencing and we have made sure there aren't any launch pads for them to use... but watch this space. Will have to come up with a Plan B if they do go adventuring too far!

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