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Run floor in winter - change?

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I'm sure I saw a topic on here before about this, but I can't find again!


So, I started off with hardwood chips on the cube run floor but changed to easibed which the girls seem to enjoy. My concern is that it gets a bit soggy round the edges and shows the poo more than the bark! Our setup is cube run with extension and the clear cover that goes over the roof and one side. So questions are around whether I stick to easibed or change to hardwood...... 1) What do other people do? 2) if I keep the easibed should I try and cover all of the run (or will that create a greenhouse/poly tunnel) 3) is there a good way to de-poo the easibed - seems like it should work like horse bedding with a shavings fork but I don't think chicken poo is as obliging! Hoping as the girls get bigger they will poo less/bigger!


On another note, I'm braving adding back in the roosting bars today - might get some confused faces at bedtime!




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This vexed question comes up every winter - preparing the run for the winter weather onslought. I solved my problem by covering the entire run with window-clear tarpaulin, leaving air spaces at the door end. Ventilation doesn't seem to be a problem and this system keeps snow and rain at bay as well as wind (which they hate).


For the run I used a 15kg bale of Hemp E bedding from Flyte so Fancy which is enough to cover a 2m run, (spreading a generous layer of staloson first before adding the Hemp E bedding). The poo literally disappears into the bedding and there is no residual smell. The bedding only needs changing twice a year ie removing all the old bedding down to the soil before adding the new. I've done this for 3 years and find it works really well. The girls love dust bathing in it as well.


Hope this helps.

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Just want to say poo doesn't actually disappear.. :( (though wonderful if it did) :)

It is still there building up, so they are actually scratching about and bathing in faeces.

It is perfect idea but regular poo picking is also required and reglular addition of Stalofan or similar to help keep nasties at bay.

I much prefer the advice, I read here somewhere to put less down and replace the whole lot monthly.. :)

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Either way is ok Sandy as long as it's not wet. Exposure to a bit of muck builds up thier immunity.


I like to see a clean run though and agree easibed does show it up. I use rape straw or rape straw and easibed which really hides the poo and it dries it so you can't see it on top of the bedding. :D

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I am going to stick to woodchip this winter. As it's my first winter I am quite nervous too! :?


On very wet days I have been raking up the woodchip with Stalosan and it has been OK so far. My runs are covered with covers from Omlet which just about do the job but the edges of the Eglu do get wet but it's not sodden with water.


The area where it doesn't get wet at all is bone dry and the woodchip has really helped with keeping any smells at bay. I will probably change the woodchip in Dec/Jan.


Good luck with the winter season, good-egg!



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Thanks everyone. :) Plum - do you just rake and poo pos to the top, or do you toss (technical queries here!). I wish my hubby would let me have a WIR - would make life SO much easier!


Hope your winter is good as well Mrs_B! It's quite scary isn't it. I was realising it is less than a month until the clocks go back - then I won't see my girls at all during the week!


I have loved the easibed change - have to say I would recommend it, especially as it sounds like your run is more covered. It dries out quite well and the girls love to dustbath in it. Perhaps worth a consider when you come to change. I will report back on the mix results!

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