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Hens have introduced themselves!

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2 weeks ago we collected pol girls to join our ex batts. They had a seperate house and run, but have been free ranging together - although keeping their distance. I thought about putting them together in the same house tonight, but decided it was too soon. The obviously had other ideas, as they all went to bed together tonight on their own. Good girls! I did have a slight panic when I couldn't find the newbies, only to find them cuddled up with their new friends!

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I've had a very similar situation this weekend. I collected 4 POLs yesterday to join my 3 ex batts. Hubby and I divided the run to separate the new girls from the old girls, only for 2 of the new girls to flap immediately over the divide and introduce themselves!

I ended up taking the divide down and letting them get on with it. The ex batts have been doing a bit of chasing but no pecking or bullying thankfully. There are lots of feed stations so hopefully all will continue to go well!

(Much quicker than my last lot of intros which took 7 weeks).

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