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Yesterday was a hard day

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My OH is a wonderful man...he puts up with me and my love of animals :roll: and he's worked really hard over the last couple of weekends in particular, sorting out the Duck Run (adding another 1m extension on Saturday) and last night, helping me clear the whole of the Chook Run of old wood chip and replacing it...in the dark, once the girls had gone to bed :roll:


I finished the Run off early this morning as I didn't go inside last night until 9.30 pm but it looks fab :D



And the girls were pretty chuffed when I let them out too :lol:



But...yesterday was also a hard day because we had to dispatch one of our girls...our dear Molly :cry: She had a short life really and she was an adorable character :angel: We bought her and Dolly on my Birthday, back in March and despite her being an Orpington Bantam (so one of the biggest girls), she was actually at the bottom of the pecking order :roll: She was always toddling around after the others had gone bed...pecking at the cabbages and just generally having a pre-bed stroll :lol:





It was definitely the right thing to do...there was no noise or wing flapping from her at all really, she went quickly :( We've both always felt that if we keep our own chooks, we should be able to deal with that side of it too and I'm so grateful to my OH for having the courage to do it and for making it peaceful for Molly.

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So sorry to hear about your Molly :( Its a hard thing to do, but congratulations to your OH for having the courage to see it through. In fact, big :clap: to your OH all round for his sterling efforts, he sounds like a very nice man indeed :D Your set up looks great, lucky girls 8)

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Thank you so much for the kind comments...my OH has read them all and is really touched.


Thanks also for the lovely comments about the girl's Run :) OH says it looks like an adventure playground for chickens :lol: Not everyone's cup of tea...but we love it :)


Is that the first time?

Yes it was. At least we know now :|


By heck that's some run. Mine looks positively poor relation with it's odd bits and bobs, I'm rather ashamed :oops:

Awww nooooo :oops:

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Sweet dreams Molly :( I commend you and your OH for being able to despatch her quickly and with no stress, it was very brave of you. She was a very lucky girl to have lived with you in that run though! I think my girls would be very jealous if they saw that :)

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So sorry to hear about Molly you are both very brave and not sure I would be able to but so far always been lucky and been able to pop to vets to have pts. I do admire people who can as it is the quickest and kindest way.


She would have been very happy living in your chook paradise! It is amazing! :D

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