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Red Stop Solution

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Here is the gumph:


Red Stop Solution is a new treatment which allows poultry keepers to protect their birds from Red Mite by

simply adding the product to the drinking water. After ingestion, Red Stop Solution enters the blood stream

and renders the blood indigestible and unattractive to the mites which stop feeding and die of starvation -

and because they can't feed, they can't breed. Red Stop Solution is completely safe and does not have any

affect on egg quality and therefore there is NO period of egg withdrawal. Red Stop Solution contains 100%

natural ingredients with no residues. It is composed of extracts of non-toxic plants: Thyme, Burdock, Tansy,

Alcohol and Glycerol hydrate. It has no effect on either the odour, colour or other characteristics of the egg,

and leaves no product residues in the egg. Red Stop Solution has been thoroughly tested over the last 10

years on commercial sites throughout Europe*, and for the last year here in the UK; it has been proved

beyond doubt that it is second to none as the ultimate natural weapon against Red Mite, and being a

natural, organic solution, any eggs laid during periods of treatment are not affected.


I think its possibly worth a try however as they say you can also use treatments for the coop I am

not sure how you would attribute the eradication to the Red Stop unless you used that alone which IMHO is a bit risky without hearing of any reviews on the product

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