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Not Laying

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I got Effie (Partridge Leghorne) back in April and she was 18weeks old. She started laying within a couple of weeks and has been a good layer since. However she hasn't laid for about 2 weeks now. She is eating and seems otherwise well. I wormed them all last week with Flubenvet. She goes and gets on the nest every day and sits for well over an hour but doesn't lay. Any ideas what could be matter with her? Thank you.

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Is she thinking about going broody, I have one like that at the moment.


Or is she moulting?


What breed is she, if she is a pure breed she may have stopped for the winter now that the day light hours are reducing. I find my hybrids stop too, other than Toffee who is thinking about being broody they are all still laying just less often.



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