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Willow looking very very bad

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My white star willow has had a few eye troubles in the past. She was pecked in the eye when she was very young. She went to the vets and had eye drops and pain relief and her eye remained closed but she was still doing normal chicken things and laying eggs.

However recently her eye has become very swollen, double the size of her head. we have bathed it with tea and nothing has changed. Today I noticed a white circle outside her eye and upon inspection her eye has white puss in and it looks like her eye lid has come away??

I'm not sure what to do, she isn't laying anymore but she is still doing chicken things. I dont know if there is anything that would repair or heal her eye? Is the best thing for her to have her put to sleep?

I love willow to pieces but her eye looks so sore :(





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Indeed - please take her to the vet; home treatments are not the answer here, she needs to be seen by somebody professional. Don't lose heart though, there may be something they can do, and if there isn't then you will have done the right thing, she sounds in a bad way right now.

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She needs to see a vet as a matter of urgency. She probably has an abscess, it will be extremely painful for her and it is not something that can be dealt with at home. Poor thing, it will depend how long the infection has been present and how infected local bone and tissue has become whether anything can be done. If a vet is not an option for you, I think she should be culled to prevent further suffering :(

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Don't panic. My bluebelle has had a similar problem last week. She had a mycoplasma infection which caused the sinsues on one side of her face to swell up and her eye was horrible and swollen and looked like it was about to burst open.(I have a picture which I will try and post but it was not pretty). I thought she needed to be PTS but I took her to the vet and he gave her antibiotics orally and I had her in the spare bedroom for a week whilst she recovered. The other girls also got some antibiotics in their water for a week and she has recovered enough to put her back out with the others yesterday. Do take her to the vet. I thought Bluebelle was dying but after some TLC (and a lot of expensive coconut water as this was all she would drink!!! :roll: ) she seem to be recovering. Her eye looked full of pus too so its sounds similar. You will need to treat all your girls too. Chickens are amazing at bouncing back! I hope Willow gets better soon. :anxious:

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