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Christmas Swap 2012

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I know some of you are still in the midst of your feltie swap (can't wait to see piccies :D ) but who is up for a Christmas swap again?

I don't mind organising it if someone can give me a few pointers as my last poultry show of the year is the 2nd December and it will make a change from washing chickens :lol:

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I've just spent the weekend showing at the National so now that is out of the way I can concentrate on this which will thankfully require no washing of chickens :lol:

I will have a look back at last years thread and put posting dates and names put forward so far on the thread this week.

If I'm going wrong in any way, please put me right as I haven't organised before :anxious:



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Hi everyone, normal service is now being resumed :lol:


People who want to take part so far are :-
















Ms Marple









I will put a post in the Nesting Box to maybe catch a few more people and also would be grateful if the ones above who were not 100% certain could let me know a final decision. In the words of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted "go on, go on, go on"

The rules for the swaps are posted at the top of the Crafty Fingers section and Egluntyne has also kindly put a link to these and last years swap on her previous post. Lesley is being a star and has offered to send me the addresses of people as she has organised swaps in the past but if any of you have moved since a "Lesley" swap or are new to this, can you pm me with your details .




I have checked the Royal Mail site and the last posting dates are

THURSDAY 13th for parcel post

TUESDAY 18th for 2nd Class

THURSDAY 20th for 1st Class


Can I suggest we work to a posting date of THURSDAY 13TH regardless of what class of postage you will be using. If anyone is struggling with the deadline can they pm me and also pm when you have posted your present.

Don't forget that this is anonymous :D

I will do the draw and let you know your swappee by the beginning of December but your item does not need to be personalised to your recipient, just made with love which I know it will be 8)

If I have forgotten anything, please let me know as I'm new to organising....


Thank you

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