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Christmas Swap 2012

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:( sorry its not yet come.


I don't know if I should say this or not as it gives a clue to my swoppee of the gift that I made, but I usually send my swops by recorded delivery which only costs about 60p more :) It just gives me peace of mind that the present has been received even though my swoppee hasn't yet been on this thread since Christmas :anxious:

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Likewise. I sent mine on the recommended posting date..& waited...& waited. Then I thought that I'd better get another package ready. I waited till the 21st, & then sent it special. It turns out that (I think) both made it there the same day either saturday or christmas eve. A jolly close call though :anxious:

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I have been trying to upload my photo from photobucket but cannot sort out the size. Perhaps a mod could help out :anxious:

Anyway, this is the gorgeous little hot water bottle and chicken fabric cover which has been used already. Also a lovely Christmas stocking, beautifully stitched with a choccie father christmas and candy cane. I've also put the little gift tag and pretty ribbon in the shot.

Thank you sooooo much :D



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I've spent so long trying to sort out pics that I can't remember if I even thanked my Secret Santa so huge apologies if I didn't say this already but THANK YOU! I got a beautiful felt flower brooch that goes perfectly with my favourite jumpers (how did you know that I love green??) and a lovely hand made soap - so clever!


Now I just need some clever IT person to remind me how to add photos and I can share my Secret Santa's amazing skills with you all!



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Well, I'm back from a 6 days block at work (that turned into 7 days away) after spending 2 hours on the M3 due to an accident, driving 4 miles, then giving up and going back to my parents' house, I am now home! Was greeted with TWO parcels when I got back!


One from Parsley who sent it as my secret santa hadn't arrived - thank you so much Parsley! I love the seeds and they will be perfect for planting in the spring, ready for Christmas dinner :wink::wink:


PLUS a second parcel, containing handmade notebook, post it notes, cards and gift tags - all beautifully handmade! Plus a card saying HAppy Christmas as I hadn't received my original gift as it was sent so late and was then delayed in post. I am so shocked and grateful! You are brilliantly talented with paper, thank you, whoever you are :D:D


Really lovely thought, both of you! Thank you! :D


Edited to add pictures -





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Hello and Happy New year!!!

I have been a really bad person :( but am determined to make up for it now :oops::wink:

Sorry to my personal Secret Santa for taking so long to upload my picture of my pressie which is also going to be my new profile pic! Sorry to 'you know who you are'!!! for whatever it is :?:?:wink::wink::)

Can I also add a little hint :wink::wink: here to some of the Autumn swoppers who haven't managed to post pictures yet. Please do it still as it is often a good source of inspiration. :)


This is Roxy Reindeer :D



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