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Christmas Swap 2012

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Hi all

I've just received a message from Father Christmas. He has told me that all the Christmas Swap presents are now in the postal system (or in hand and the recipients know).

He is now relaxing for a few days and considering a holiday to Santa Cruz :lol: after the big day next week.

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I've just picked mine up from the grumpiest post woman in the world :lol:


Do you have any I.d.?


Yes, said I, here is my payslip with my address on it :D


But the name is different...who is this Couperwife? :evil:


It's a forum name :roll: you won't get any I.d with that name on it. I reply :D




(I think she was considering Not letting me have it :twisted: )


Harrumph! Said she and passed it through the window


Yay :lol::lol:


Thank you Santa, :D




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Him Indoors picked mine up.


Postman, who knows him from a shared pastime ... 'Egluntyne? .... I thought your Mrs was called Anne?'


Him Indoors. ' She is ... it is something to do with chickens'.


Postman 'Aaahh ... I see'.


Moral of the story ... it pays to give eggs to acquaintances now and then.


Thank you Parsley for organising the swap. x

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