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Christmas Swap 2012

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Thank you for the thanks :D

I have enjoyed doing it and look forward to seeing all the piccies.


Craftyhunnypie - Santa's elves will come along and tie your hands together and put a peg on your nose if you do not behave :shameonu:


Christian - I know that your goodies are on their way but was a later posting (so pleased I kept a record of everyone :lol: )


Have a good day tomorrow

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Merry Christmas and thank you to my santa :D


I've got a crocheted table runner, which is in Christmassy colours (it will be on the table today) and my own crochet hook, book and wool to practice making granny squares with :dance:


I love it :D and when I find the camera ill take a photo :D


Thank you again. And to parsley for organising this




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So pleased - I have a delightful felted bowl (now my pot of gold) which will become a regular feature in my Christmas decorations. Thank you very much it is lovely and so beautifully made. I also had a bonus necklace too!

I tested out my new camera on it so here is the photo! :D:D:D:D:D:D



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Just quickly visiting the forum to say a huge thank you for a beautiful silk (I think) embroidered and embellished (I struggle to see how exactly it has been made) Kindle Fire cover. I love it and I will post a photo for all to see after Christmas. Thank you so much Secret Santa I am delighted and thank you Parsley for arranging it all :D

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Ooooo I had a beautifully wrapped present with a gorgeous hand made gift tag and ribbon. Inside was a hot water bottle with a lovely padded cover in chicken material - brilliant :D


I also had a very pretty little stocking with a choccie father christmas and a candy cane popping out the top.


Thank you so so much to my secret santa :wink:


Piccies to follow in a few days once I have remembered how to master photobucket.

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I'm a dozy so and so, I managed to mix up two swaps, this one and one from elsewhere, so I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know which goodies came from the forum! :oops: In total I got two absolutely beautiful ornaments in the shape of Christmas Trees, but made from corks, a heart shaped lavender bag, a beautiful chickenny bag, some Hotel Chocolate Ginger Truffles (Yum), a chickenny tissue holder and carrier bag holder. All absolutely gorgeous!!


Thank you to both of my Secret Santas. xxxx


Photos later ... but not of the Ginger Truffles. :lol:

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Thank you to my Secret Santa - I feel truly loved & spoilt! I got a beautiful necklace & earrings - really sparkly & have gemstone chips in them - stunning. I wore them yesterday. I also got another beaded necklace with a wrap around beaded memory wire bangle. All are so beautiful, very me & very very well made. Thank you SS!

As if all that wasn't enough, I also got a bag of M&S Chocolate snowballs, which erm will not be on the photo later. :whistle:

I love it all! :D:D


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