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Christmas Swap 2012

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Lovely pressies everyone! I would like to thank my Secret Santa for my lovely cushion. It says Joyeux Noel on the front with holly leaf fabric letters which are sewn on with gold stitching ( very neatly done I must add). The background is mistletoe. the front has a lift off panel which is attached with thin ribbons at the corners and the middles of he long sides. Which means, once Crimbo is over, I can untie the bows, turn the top flap over and I then have a lovely chicken patterned fabric cushion! Cool :D

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A big thank you to my Secret Santa :D I got a lovely Christmas tree mug which had an Aran wool hand knitted owl cosy ( plus a spare one) a bag of marshmallows & 2 sachets of hot chocolate. It was all beautifully presented in a red hessian bag with a clear window & lots of shredded red tissue paper.



CIMG0769 by Jules H 35, on Flickr



CIMG0771 by Jules H 35, on Flickr



CIMG0772 by Jules H 35, on Flickr

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Wow lots of fabulous makes.


I do admire the skill to paint in watercolour. I really like Snowberry's picture.


Here is my necklace and bracelet, thank you. I have also received another bracelet because Santa didn't think it would get to me. How thoughtful you are!! :D



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If Christian's package was posted in good time it would be worth the person who posted it going on to royalmail.com to request a redelivery in case it is being held at the sorting office awaiting collection (Christmas relief postmen often don't leave calling cards), this might flush it out of the system.

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That's a good point! Also I do know from where we used to live, not all posties fill in those ' sorry you were out cards'. Very lazy & annoying!! So they just sometimes plonk your parcel in a safe (to them) place on your property or just take it back the sorting office. Then you are none the wiser until it gets returned to sender.

Seems a shame you've not had your swap present yet off Secret Santa. Perhaps you were a naughty boy this year?


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