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Our lovely new ex-batt girls... *more pics added!*

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I picked up our two newest additions this afternoon...2 ex batts (from cages :( )



Now just need to decide what to call them!!

The one on the right is already asserting her authority!!


Checking out the neighbours (the cube is right next door so they can all get to know each other :) )


Tina x

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Our ex batts arrived in August & are doing well. We named them Gladys, Agnes & maude, joining Flo & Gwinnie . I like old fashioned names so we name them after our Aunties. We've also had. Vi, Ethel &Hyacinth :). Happy choosing they are an absolute delight & we love ours we'll probably only have ex batts now.

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Well they took a little *ahem* encouragement to go to bed last night, but this morning came out pretty much of their own accord. They are already behaving so much more instinctively, it really is a joy to watch them begin to change before your very eyes :)


So, a few pics!


Our set up so that they can all see each other during the initial intro period:



Our 'baby' Smarties the Poland trying to let them know she's boss:



The new girl letting Smarties know she's not falling for it. If I could translate chicken, I think new girl just said 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough'! :lol:



Smarties loses her bottle and scarpers!:


Thanks for the name suggestions, we are still working on them!


Tina x

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