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Scar reducing oils & serums

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I use Bio oil & also rescue oil ( cheaper version) on the scars I have from my gallbladder operation. Both are brilliant & the scars are fading - slowly but where they have faded - it is almost invisible. :D

I got the cheaper version from Savers. But I think I've also seen i in £1 land. :shock: I have also wondered though, if plain baby oil would also do the trick?

I had a rejected navel piercing when I was a bit younger. I wish these oils had been around then, as I do have a permanent scar.

Good luck


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Bio oil seems to be amazing for so many things! I was told by a friend to use it on my sunburn a couple of years ago...next morning NO sign of any sunburn! Haven't tried it for scar reduction but have seen far less livid stretch marks in women who use that compared to others.


Tina x

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When I was surgically un-enhanced about 3 years ago (breast reduction - sorry if thats too much info!)I was advised to use micropore tape to flatten out the scars but remove this every 24 hours, massage with something and then replace! I made up a blend of chamomile/lavender/frankincence oils in sweet almond oil - but olive oil would do if you don't mind smelling like a pizza :shock: !


Apparently, the thinking behind this was not necessarilly WHAT was used but the regular massage to break down the scar tissue - at leastthat's what the surgeon reccomended :think: !


The scars are hardly noticable now! :D

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