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The next generation!

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It all started with Tarzan in 2009


And this is Mr White's son (Mr White is Jack's son, Jack was Tarzan's son)


So this little fellow is generation 4 and has the marvellous easy going nature of his great grandad Tarzan


Onwards to the show season!




Pointless post but I just love my dottes :D

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Not pointless at all. He's handsome. I was thinking about you the other day Redwing as I looked out at my hens in their lovely handmade WIR. Remember you very kindly put some photos of yours on a thread where I asked for advice on making one? Well after last years miserable mudbath they will be much more comfortable over this winter in their run, and I get my garden back! In fact I was thinking of PMing you to see if you were going to come up to Scotland next year for the Scottish National. I have this lovely run and it would be nice to add a couple of bantams..... :wink:

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