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They're here!!! with more pics!

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i had no idea that there were so many 'normal' poos that i would think were not normal at all!! very helpful, tho probably a bit odd to be looking at it whilst eating my shepherds pie.

:lol: Ah but if it didn't put you off, you'll be able to handle anything the chooks present you with :lol:

hmm not sure whether i'll be able to face tomorrow's leftovers tea if i find a shepherds pie looking one in the WIR tomorrow :lol:

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They are all very pretty girls and seem to be settling in well. Congratulations! :D


The range of poos is phenomenal, isn't it?


I too came home from the National with more chooks - 2 Faverolles. I have no willpower. :lol:

ooh how exciting! hope you'll be posting some pics? Faverolles have such lovely faces!

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