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iPad apps and tips

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I finally gave in and bought an iPad a few weeks ago as my lap top was dying. I have to say I'm not loving it but that's probably because I have never used anything apple before so I'm not getting it.


So far I've just surfed and been keeping upto date on here. I'm sure there are better uses. All tips and good apps greatly received, especially the free ones. I have only downloaded the kindle app so far.


What I really really need is some sort of typing app. It's not for long thesis or anything complicated but I need something. The other day I really needed to type a memo for work to email over and that's when I discovered the lack of typing app, I thought there would be an office equivalent. Does anyone know what I can use? Thanks

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Pages is the Apple equivalent of Word, it's excellent, very intuitive and easy to work with. Search on the Apps for Pages or iWorks (iWorks is the suite name, it will bring up Pages, Numbers (Excel equiv) and Keynote (Powerpoint equiv). All excellent IMHO, I only converted to Apple this year after a lifetime of PC, and am loving it, will never leave Apple now!



Tina x

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I have looked and Pages is 6.99 as is each of the other apps mentioned. iWork's is the same price for each element making it over twenty. Now is it just me being tight and a grump but I don't really want to spend money particularly having spent a small fortune on the device itself. Never have I bought a device without the basics included.


Is this the downside to iPad?


Anyway anyone have good app recommendations? We were even trying to load free games for my son but downloaded a few to find out they were just trials and you then have to pay :?

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If it's a memo for work then not type it directly in to the e-mail?


Typing in to an App would usually require everyone who get your memo to have the same App or would require you to convert it to a format that they can read (such as Microsofts .doc format, or a Adobe's .pdf format) before sending. E-mails, on the other hand, are usually readable by everyone.


If you do really need something more than e-mails can offer (like tables of content,of complex formatting) then you do first need to consider how it is going to be read (which applications will be used). Pages on iPad may allow export to some a Microsoft Word format - which tend to be the norm for most business document that need to be edited.


If you don't need the complexly formatted memos then I'd go with a simple e-mail. It has another advantage of being much less costly in effort and your emails will be small and quicker to send - Apps tend to turn even a few word in to several thousand bytes and with Microsoft Word formats probably several mega bytes.

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I don't think these aren't over priced, they are excellent programmes, buying software like this usually lots of £'s, whilst this is simplified version than that on the iMac (which you have to buy) it is still a very good programme. A small investment to get a lot out of your tablet, if you want to use it more like a computer, just pick the apps you need, may be you could ask for some apps for Christmas?

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Traffic rush is a fab addictive game for ipad etc (it was free when I got it)

Harbour Master

Sunday Lawn

Autodance (if you have kids 7 up they will love this, you video snippets of people doing whatever, it speeds it up and mixes it to music, Ive videoed my girlies and got dancing chickens :-) )

Cut the rope (think they have a free version maybe a trial though)

Snake 97


Plus I have paid for a few of the kids fave programmes (thomas the tank for my youngest) so I can use it if required to keep them happy


Pages etc fab for the pad to be honest you would normally have to pay for office when you purchase a laptop (I know it can be included as a gimmic to get you to buy the lap top) Im an Apple fan through and through


There are loads of fab games out there ..


The BEST App I got for mine (I only got the free version) is Imray Charts its a naviagtion aid for sailing, my dad often goes below deck to see where we are on the paper charts when he comes out I can tell with one click :-)


Give it time and you will love your pad im sure xxx

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