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Fleecy pet beds - no sewing required

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I saw a link on another forum to this You Tube video for a



As someone who has zero crafty skills, but enjoys having a go at things, I am very tempted to make one of these dog beds as there is no sewing required. Fleecy blankets are cheap enough and the bed could be stuffed with old pillows/duvets so it needn't be expensive either.


If I have a go, I will report back on this thread!

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The bed is made! I went to Ikea at the weekend (ugh) and bought a big fleece throw for £3. I already had an old duvet at home to use as stuffing so it worked out very cheap.

It took round about an hour to make, it probably would have been less if I didn't have to keep turfing the dog off the fleece as I was cutting it :lol:

She absolutely LOVES her new bed! I put it upstairs in front of the airing cupboard where she sleeps overnight. We went out for a few hours early yesterday evening and she slept upstairs on her new bed while we were out. She normally sleeps on a rocking chair in the hall where she can keep her eye on the front door! She is now back upstairs asleep on the new bed while I am downstairs on the computer. I think I can safely say it's a triumph!

I'll take a photo later when I've found where the camera is hiding (I must have tidied it away somewhere... :anxious: )

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That's a brilliant idea! I have several fleece bed inners and recently bought new covers for them as I'm challenged in the sewing department - I wish I'd seen this first but I'll definitely try it when the new ones need replacing. :)

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You may need to get two fleecy blankets if you want a bed large enough for your whippet to stretch out on. I just bought the one blanket and folded it in half to make Tango's bed. She's a little bit smaller than a Whippet and the bed isn't really big enough for her to stretch out on, although because it's flat it doesn't matter if her head/tail overhangs :lol:

The knotting is REALLY tedious by the way! It probably took me about half an hour or thereabouts to do the knots all the way round (maybe I made the fringing too narrow?) but I am really pleased with the result and Tango is even more pleased :D

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