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The walking dead

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Hi Guys


Haven't posted in a couple of years and came on This morning to update myself :)


Just wondering if anyone out there shares my love for all things walking dead, I love that programme haha.


Any predictions of what's going to happen ? Just thought we could start a thread about all things walking dead :D


What a shock when lori died :o:evil:

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Welcome back :D . We love The Walking Dead 8) . I have no idea where it's heading but am enjoying it anyway :lol: . I just can't understand how they make all the gory bits look so realistic (including the bit where Lori's baby was born) :shock: .


Also think it's interesting that the main character is British (Andrew Lincoln) and David Morrissey's in it now too!

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I was a bit scared to read this as I wondered what the walking dead was ....had vision of a group of zombie chicken lovers...perhaps I should watch more TV.... :lol:

Hahaa, nope no zombie chicken lovers, as far as i know :lol:


ANH, i didn't realise that rick and the govenor were english till i looked them up on wiki :lol:

it also amazes me at ll the glory bits and especially when you see behind the scenes photos and you see chandler riggs (carl) hugging zombie sophia and you realise how amazing the effects are 8)

i saw an interview with sarah wayne callies and she said that the cast who had turned like shane had to have a strong drink after seeing themselves zombified :lol:

wondering who will die in the mid-season finale :?: Any predictions ? me thinks it will be carol or maggie :( I love maggie and glenn :)

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My ES loves this programme and had a catch up session not too long ago. I had to sit glued to my lap top during it as I tried watching some of it and its very gory, I could have done with some ear plugs in too as the sound effects are *ahem* very good :roll:


He had Shaun of The Dead on the other day and I couldn't even cope with that! I'm such a wimp. :wink:

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