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Betty not well

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I thought Betty was just a bit low due to her moult, especially as she laid a soft shelled egg on Friday night and seemed to pick up a quite a lot on Saturday/ By Sunday though she had gone downhill again and was very quiet and just not herself. She just wanted to be on her own and sit huddled up in the corner. She wasn't interested in food - not even mealworms :shock: This morning she came out of the house with a terrible rattly chest :!:, coughing and spluttering. Her comb looked a bit blue and she was quite wobbly on her feet. I rang the vets and booked an appointment and so we took a trip to the vets this afternoon, who agreed that she really did look very unwell. She had an injection of antibiotics and she is due to go back for a second jab on Wednesday. I hope she does get better - she's my favourite really, especially as she was one of my original two. Sweet little chicken she is :anxious:

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I would keep her warm and make sure she is drinking. Adding a little honey to her water might encourage her to drink more and the 'sugar' will give her some energy hopefully. Maybe bring her inside and keep her somewhere warm, not too warm, and quiet for a day or two?


Hope she is better soon! At least you have been to the vets! A rattly chest should always be looked at imho :D The antib's should kick in soon.

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