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Metacam long term

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Our 4 year old hybrid is currently taking Metacam for suspected arthritis but I was wondering if is this something that can safely be taken long term, if in fact it turns out it IS arthritis and the meds help her.


Mind you, I'm not sure what my DH will say about the ongoing cost of this.....



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As Metacam is not licensed for poultry there will not have been any testing on it's long term use. The calculation of the dosage does have to be pretty accurate to ensure a safe dose is given and it should be worked out by weighing your hen and calculating the correct dose in mg/kg. Side effects are as with any NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug) and include gastric ulceration (which can lead to bleeding) and impaired kidney function. I wonder if it might be worth trying some glucosamine/chondroitin whilst the inflammation has been reduced by the Metacam, it might help.

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Although I have never used metacam on poultry, one of our elderly cats has been on it for about 4 years for his arthritis. So I thought that my experience with it might help you. It is given in a strictly calculated dose according to his weight...he goes to the vet every 6 months to be checked...he has suffered no side effects and it has certainly helped with his mobility.Side effects can well occur if the dose [for weight] is exceeded. He suffers quite severe arthritis in all his elbow joints. So, if you are very careful to calculate the required dosage according to the weight of the chicken it may well help the bird. I will be interested to hear how well it works.

Good Luck!!

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I have a 5 and half year old ex bat with disabled legs with arthritic joints who has been on Metacam since I had her, until very recently and she is now on Steroid .

I also give her Cosequin approx 3/4mg per day (powder and put into a a capsule that will take 0.5 ml of fluid)

she has this in a small pat of butter, but if one tiny drop of powder is outside, she wont touch it. though unlike the awful fishy flavoured things I got myself this tastes of nothing to me.

She also has AAR (homeopathic and Ledum daily too.(from Ainsworth)

When she first had Metacam she was on a low dose.

However after a few months the et and I decided that her comfort was higher priority than andy posible side effects.

ie Quality of life over quantity...

However we never foresaw how long she was to be with me :D

Hope this helps x


Go for a larger bottle, more cost effective than the tiddly one it will last ages as they have so little (the dog one not the cat one)

This is what the Avian Specialists use. :)

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