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Anyone bought pressies for their chickens?

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as part of my presents I got one of those yellow treat balls which releases treats when they peck it (i expect they will be scared of it) and a feathers and beaky bouncy veg holder (ditto).

i was so annoyed with the weather as there was such heavy downpours today the poor girls didnt get to FR at all :( so i made them some porridge with mealworms and carrot peelings (they ate around the peelings).

Happy Christmas everyone and boc boc to all the girlies!

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Mine got one of those plastic balls they're supposed to kick about to make 'scratch' corn dribble out of its little holes.


They had a go around the grass in the garden, but chickens do tend to pass backwards, don't they, rather than kick stuff ahead of them, so maybe it should be a rugby ball shape :lol:


I think if they have it in their run it'll get stuck down one of the holes they are digging to Australia [or mining for diamonds, we're not entirely sure what they're up to :D]


Also got them a grit pecking block and a tub of mealworms.

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My mum got mine a chicken hamper with diatom, seed blocks and mixed insect treats in it.


What a cool mum and what a splendid idea to get my mum for this year (birthday, mothers day or christmas :-) )


I got mine one of those yellow ball things and they didnt get it mind you I expect they are scared to death of all ball shaped items as my nephew and son constantly boot their football into the run (not on purpose) and heaven help any of the girls if they are FR and the boys are playing footie

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