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Kindest way to kill a fish ?

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We used to have fish. Just spoken to kev, who was expert in all things fishy.


He said it sounds like a problem with the swim bladder, and it sometimes sorts itself.


Practical fish keeping magazine is a good place to look. They have a website and forum. Might be worth a look on there.


Hope that helps :D




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I used to keep goldfish and they got this every so often. The best thing to do is starve them for a couple of days I believe


edited to add - found this -


'The key to avoiding swim balder problems all together is to keep your fish on a varied diet. Which includes greens (not just peas) lettuce, spinach, duckweek, peas green beans, zucchini etc. Greens help keep the digestive tract of the goldfish clean. they have no stomachs like other fish and there fore need something to help push the foods thru their systems. Greens will do this. Adding these to their weekly even daily diet keeps them healthy.


Secondly, if you cannot get your fish to eat ONLY greens, do not even feed the other fish foods, give them all greens for a day or two and they will right themselves. If you cannot get him to eat yes you will need to use swimbladder meds, however I find they really don't work all that great.


Also, swimbladder is often confused with bloat. Bloat is caused by a number of things with goldfish mostly due to poor water conditions and salts in the water. The only salt that should ever be added to a goldfish tank is epsom salt. Never aquarium, table or marine salts. Salt interfears with all freshwater fish's ability to process water leading to all kinds of internal problems like bloat, dropsy and yes even swimbladder to name a few.


Try to get your fish to eat greens. Never feed tanked goldfish floating pellets, sinking or flakes in combination with fresh veggies and fruits. Even brine shrimp and bloodworms are a great addition.


Keep the water quality up, routine water changes feed veggies and fruits and quality flake foods.


He should show signs of improvement within a day'

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Hi, apologies I have only just seen this post. How is the fish now?


The best thing to do is to do a 25% water change to rid the tank of any nitrates, often high levels can trigger this off.


It can also be caused by constipation! Therefore, if you chop up a few peas and add them to the tank, if the fish will eat, this will help to clean its system. However, bloodworms will do a really good job of cleaning their systems and even a fish that is quite ill will eat these. If you feed bloodworm once a week, you will notice the result :)


There are treatments out there for swimbladder, but it would be worth speaking to the fish shop as I haven't had fish for 12 months now and the treatments have probably moved on.


Hope this helps.

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Hope it sorts out - distressing isn't it when one of them isn't well. Difficult to explain to anyone who doesn't keep fish :)


I did have three or four fish at one point with the problem and the pet shop gave me a treatment for the tank - they recovered, so touch wood it is sortable.

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Clove oil, mix 10 drops with water you may have to dissolve them in a teaspoon of alcohol. Vodka

will do, add to a small amount of water and mix. Put the fish into a small container of water, add half the mixture.

It will be anesthetised very quickly, then add the remaining mixture.

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I was advised to put my tropicals in a bowl of very cold water with ice cubes as and when they became terminally unwell.


Please, please don't do this, it's actually considered quite cruel (no offense intended dancing cloud, it is suggested all over the internet I know!) as it just means the poor fish freezes to death and not always quickly :(.


Clove oil, as previously suggested, is the most humane way to dispatch a fish.

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