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Bless me!

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Leia came to live with us in July 2010 and she is an ex battery. She last laid an egg at end September this year, or thereabouts, and then had a complete moult until mid November. She looked worse than when she arrived.


I hoped that she had stopped laying as we lost two hens in three months to egg complications (Alys in October and Lottie in mid December). We were hoping for a quiet retirement for her. She is still very mentally lively and doesn't seem to have noticed that Lottie has gone at all, free ranges every day and sits in the kitchen watching the washing machine.


I think the moult might have had an HRT effect, though, as she laid us an egg on Boxing Day and one today.


I did not want to hijack Old Dora's thread below; these are such lovely ladies. I hope Leia lasts for ages; she's watching me through the window at the moment, telling me loudly to get a shift on and come and let her OUT.


Mrs Potts

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