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Hermann Tortoise Egg Development.

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haha Border terriers are great, i have one :-)


I used a Hova-bator incubator set at 32oc and 75% humidity and upped it to 85% when they started to hatch.


Pandora has laid a total of 11 eggs and only 4 of them ended up fertile since september 2010.


Female tortoises can lay fertile eggs for up to 3 years after 1 successful mating!!



Dont think ill incubate again till after i can get them an outdoor shed and run sorted....would end up with loads of the creatures lol

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Need to go to the vets today to see how much microchipping costs as i need to micro chips the tortoises before i can update their papers


It'll cost between £15 & £45 per tortoise to get microchipped, i need to get 8 done, and then to update the Defra cites A10 certificates will cost £25 per tortoise and i need to get 7 of those as hermann tortoises are on the endangered list.


Leopard tortoises dont require a certificate as theyre not endangered, they dont even need to be micro chipped but im going to just incase she is ever stolen.

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Really interesting! 8)


I'd love to hatch some tortoises in the future.


Hughie my Hermanns isn't microchipped and lives in the house or an eglu run outside on sunny days, but might speak to the vets about getting him done just in case he ever does go walkabout.

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