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Wyandotte egg size?

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First day ever I have found two eggs in the nestbox, so exciting to see them both nestled there! I think the smaller ones are by Dot, who was crouching first and I've therefore assumed all the eggs are from her. They remain at the 46-50g size which i assumed was correct as I seem to recall the breeder saying wyandottes lay small eggs. However I just read something saying they lay large eggs so am now confused :? Can anyone help?

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A lot of breeds which were originally bred for their egg production qualities have been taken over by the breeders who show their birds and the markings and features of the bird take on more importance than their performance in quantity or quality of eggs. I think it would depend on what the particular stain was being bred for, and if your breeder says they lay small eggs then she will.


But don't forget that the eggs are always smaller when they first start to lay. My Marans normally lay around 55 grm at first but are soon up to 65+ and the following year the are 70-80 grms.

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