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My Wonderful news!

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My sister is due any time now :P In fact I am on pins awaiting the phonecall, as I'm having my nephew when her and her husband are in hospital. Every time the phone rings I spring in to action, only to be really annoyed when it's some random call centre :lol:


Can't wait to see pics of the baby when they arrive Hen and K, this is one Omlet new addition I am very very excited about as I know how much it means to you both :dance:

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Hi Guys! :D


Time is passing very fast now! Mostin is right. Official due date is 27th March 2013. Me and OH have been going to hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing classes,which we have really enjoyed. Its just about using relaxation strategies and not being scared really. Anybody else done hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing?

Anyway, they advise that you think about a birthing month, so's not to get too focused on the date. So, my baby is due anything between 2 - 6 weeks! Thats on the grounds that anything between 38-42 weeks is normal.


Its my last week at work and I'm looking forward to ending because I'm soooo tired. I feel very big now, but I'm still enjoying being pregnant and still loving feeling all the bumps and nudges and pokes that I feel.


We packed our hospital bag yesterday just in case of an early arrival....... that made it all seem very real :D



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I just did standard relaxation classes and an aqua natal class which taught us to relax and breathe with ice cubes in our hands. Both of which were so useful, relaxing and taking a deep breath help with so many aspects of parenthood :wink:


It has also helped me to control my panic attacks over the years.


Good luck and best wishes for a trouble free delivery :D

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How exciting 8)


I've never heard of hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing (does that mean I'm old :( ). I was hospitalised before I'd written a birthplan first time and I quickly realised I would need the medical support so my plan was to trust the midwives and take their advice (much to the relief of the sister when she asked me about my birthplan :lol: ).


So if things don't go quite to plan keep in mind healthy baby and happy proud mothers are your desired outcome the rest is just part of getting there.

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I'm very happy to let you all know that joe (Joseph) arrived on Thursday morning with a full head of hair and weighing a surprising 9lbs 8oz!

The labour didn't go at all how me and O.H. Hoped. It was a stop, start business after my waters broke on Monday night and ended with emergency section on Thursday morning.


But..... The important bit, we are all happy and healthy :D Me and joe came home from hospital yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.


Hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing is basically just using relaxation strategies, visualisation technices etc as a way to manage pain and maximise your body's release of pain managing hormones. It was invaluable to me throughout.


I can hear your cries out for pictures :lol::lol: I will, as soon as I can remember how!! Is it right that it has to be via photobucket?


How lucky am I? :D:dance::D:dance::D:dance::D

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Congratulations to you and your partner! :dance:


That's a big baby, and yes, photos are essential! Yes, pictures have to be via Photobucket or similar - save them to there and then click on the link underneath the photo to 'paste' it into a message.

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