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My Wonderful news!

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Hi everyone- it's K here as hen's having a well deserved snooze!!

Thank you all for your lovely posts, congrats & welcomes to (not so little) joe!

I hear your cries for picci's but I'm so useless with technology I can't help I'm afraid, so I hope a little update will do instead :D

Joe's doing well since he came home from hospital sat aft. He has quickly become boss of the household though & had us up most of sat & sun night. Unsurprisingly he loves his grub (will fit in well) but seems to enjoy hours of snoozing then munching....snoozing then munching.....little monkey- hence our sleepless nights.

Anyway- we were rather sleep deprived yest when we were visited by a fabulous midwife who has helped us get into a better feeding pattern (joe's already plotting his revenge against her)!! We've to stop the poor love dozing off mid feed (which seems to be his fave pass time) & make sure he gets a nice full belly before he goes down- touch wood it's working and he happily sleeps for 3-4hrs! Fingers crossed this carries on. :dance:

Anyway- promise we will sort pix soon- & hopefully he will meet some of you at the next yorkshire Omlet gathering. He's looking forward to having cuddles with Laurie & Mostin this aft!!!

Sleepy hen, chunky joe & K. Xxx

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Ok ok!!! Went to poultry club after baby visit so only just had chance to put photos on :lol:




Karina & Hen & Joe





Close up of Joe




Aunty Laurie having a cuddle





My gift to them. One of the few crafty things I have ever finished :lol:

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:clap::D ....as I was scrolling down the pics I though...ooo that must be aunty Laurie having a snuggle! :wink:


Beautiful family shot and cross stitch...is it a kit Mostin? Well someone had to ask :wink:


All this talk of big bubbas :shock: ...my pelvic floor is getting a good workout :lol: DS was a dinky (by comparison) 8lb, now 16 & 5ft 10. *sigh* make the most of cuddlies & snuggles ladies, they are diddly for such a short time....


Sha xxx

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