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My Wonderful news!

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I'm so madly in love with him!

Aunty Mostin and I were able to visit briefly (a struggle for both of us!) yesterday to get cuddles and kisses and to congratulate two very lucky lovely mummies. He is wonderful and squiggy and kissable. Beautifully in proportion for his size (my ED was 9lb4oz but short with it: could have put an apple in her mouth and roasted her for dinner). He has gorgeous whispy wavey hair too.

Sigh: soooooo broody!


I was amazed at how mobile and well HEN is: not even a week after her c-section and she was up and about and digging out boxes of old Country Smallholding magazines! Not the birth that she wanted or planned for, but she tells us the hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing really helped her and K keep calm and positive throughout. For all she's got extra recovery to deal with, she looks fit and well, healthy and so HAPPY! Well done to K for supporting her through it all. It was such a privilege to visit this new little family so soon, it will be hard to keep away..... mind you if I just happen to find myself west of Bradford again over the next few weeks/days/minutes..... :whistle: ....

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Hi guys,

Thank you all for the lovely posts. He is indeed the most gorgeous bundle of loveliness. Thanks to Mostin and Laurie for giving updates on our behalf. We are just so busy staring adoringly at little joe that there is little time for much else :D


I've loved reading your comments, thank you,you lovely omleteers :D:D

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Naww what a cutie!!! That's a lovely family picture, you should frame that. :D


Fantastic cross stitch too! I have a huge one still on the go from when I was expecting DS1 and he's errrm 18 this year :lol::oops:


Glad I am not the only one, although my DS is only nearly 17, but I haven't even started YD's yet and she is 14 :oops::lol:


Lovely pics, I am sure that we didn't look that serene a few days in, but maybe it is shock not serenity :lol:

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