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Just bought second hand purple cube - brilliant!

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Many many thanks to the lovely couple who just delivered a squeaky clean second hand purple cube and run with all the extras - we are chuffed to bits and can't wait to put it together in the morning!


So exciting, wanted to join all you omlet owners for years, and the chickens will now be safe from our local day time fox when I'm not here to supervise free-ranging.


Now waiting for delivery of an extra metre of run, then we'll be really happy!


Snow-white and choccie are very spoilt hens!

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Oh yes Grandmashazzie, *some* dentists offer payment options... Sod's law will have it that mine wont. **Bitter emoticon** This means I have to save at least £1800 just to kickstart my treatment.Its a complete pain in the "Ooops, word censored!", but its do-able as long as spending is kept reasonable with no large outgoings any time soon.



My Cube fantasy and hen keeping is shelved until then.

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