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Easter swap - all arrived?

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Oh god no Lesley - you've got that totally wrong! I love being down a track. It's a track with a view, so I'm not isolated at all. What it should have read is that - I didn't want company of the postie ( oo er). I just want my parcel! Ha ha. Mrs Impatient here! :oops:

It best come tomorrow, or Easter Bunny might become rabbit pie. :wink:


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Hi all, hope you are having a good Good Friday


I have checked my records and all parcels have been posted and should arrive by tomorrow if not already received :D


Mine is driving me mad sitting on the mantelpiece and has been almost opened so many times :shock: but I have so far resisted.......


Thank you to everyone for making this one very easy to organise and hope you have a Happy Easter.


Don't forget the photos :dance:


(blackrabbit)(whiterabbit)(creamrabbit)(black white rabbit)(brown rabbit)(brown white rabbit)(hatch)

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does anyone else read this thread with bated breath until their person says they have a parcel :lol::lol:


Thanks for organising Parsley :D




Yup! I was quite :anxious:


I would like to also give my thanks to you Parsley for all the organising. I am always in awe of those who do this as it can't be any easy task at all. Can't wait to see all the photos :D

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