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Easter swap - all arrived?

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Sorry for the delay in giving my thanks and posting pics , I've only just had chance to catch up. What lovely gifts everyone has received! We are a clever lot :clap:


I received a beautifully wrapped crocheted wreath, it is gorgeous and will hang in my craft room along with last years crocheted chicken!


The outside paper also had these stamps on!



Lovely wrapping paper :D ;



And finally the beautiful wreath (with a little fluffy easter chick!);



Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

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Sorry for the delay :( We went skiing on Easter Sunday and in the end I didn't get chance to open it before we left. It was all a bit mad as it was YS's 21st on Good Friday. Anyway.... we had a brilliant holiday, being back at work is :( but I remembered my pressie- yay! :D

Here it is hopefully... a beautiful knitted and lined bag- perfect for summer. Thank you very much my not so secret swapper :wink:


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ive taken a photo of my lovely cafetiere cosy, but I cant get the photo off my camera :? everytime I try to connect the camera to the laptop I get a "connection error" message. :( Ive tried 2 computers...


im going to try again with my mums laptop - here's hoping :D




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