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Snow 2013

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DO NOT wear them on shiny floors or you'll end up on yer bum! :lol: .


I bought my Dad some Yaktrax last year as he walks to the shop for a newspaper at 7am every day - the highlight of his day :D - I checked yesterday that he was wearing them.....and he is....and he thinks they're really good.....but he has to be really careful in the shop :wall::wall: I've told him, and he does know, but he says he doesn't want to bend down to take them off etc. I give up - I'll probably end up visiting him in hospital after he's skated around the shop and crashed through the shop window when I thought I was going to have to sort him out after a fall on the ice :roll:


We were forecast snow from about 4pm.....not snowing yet.....

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It is snowing here, it has covered the car and the paths that I had cleared.


Eglutyne I hope it stops soon :wink:


OH and I went into Leicester to collect a parcel after school today I was worried as forecast said snow at 18.00 but we had to wait as parcel was still out on the van and we did not get home until 20.00 and it had not started to snow.


I will be glad when it thaws but I guess that will lead to flooding.


Take care.



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It rained here all night,but surprisingly we still have a fair amount of snow on the ground.


It is actually nice & bright this morning,& even a little bit sunny :D


I have just spotted a clump of Snowdrops in my front garden,which must mean that Spring is around the corner, mustn't it?

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woke up with a sore throat. :cry:

Then went out to dig through 6 inch of snow to check on the girls. making a path for the cat and dogs before digging out the car. :) Then went back to bed for an hour or two.

I have to say the sunshine is just lovely and it is doing its best to thaw it away, there is just so much of it( snow i mean)

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Good to hear your snow is melting, Egluntyne :D We also have 'the big thaw' going on :dance:


Sunny skies here too, until just now and it is clouding over ominously :? OH is almost in Plymouth, and the journey has been good, hope it's the same coming back :pray:


I've cleared the path to the bottom of the garden now, chickens still won't come out though :lol: Hurt my back bringing wood in for the woodburner :x

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Clare & Egluntyne...DD's Chester Hockey Tour has been downgraded to Chester Tour for today at least...apparently the match tomorrow will be confirmed/cancelled this evening...well they seem to be having fun :wink:


I am ashamed to say I was cursing the big yellow ball in the sky this afternoon.....going thru woodland with BYBitS set on very bright triggers a migraine for me, and it was not a good time to get one...fortunately a mackerel sky developed...oh joy, not long wet, not long dry :roll: , but no migraine either :clap:

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