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Goodbye Buttercup:(

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Hi, I have not been on here for a while, but just felt that I needed to tell someone that last night one of my ex-bats (Buttercup) died in her sleep. I have had her since rescue on 5 March 2011, so she has had a good retirement. She had been poorly for a while, nothing in particular, just really old, she was still eating walking around, but had no energy, and a week or so ago noticed that she couldnt make the cube ladder, so I put a little ramp up for her, which she managed for a few nights, then she couldnt make the ramp, so I started lifting her to bed and popping her in the nestbox at night. During this snow I have been putting a hot pad in a teatowel under the straw, so she was nice and cosy. Last night she died peacefully in her sleep. I am just so sad, now :(((((

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