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Frontline spot on for scaly leg?

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Hi I'm after some advice :D

Some of my chickens have scaley leg. I've tried the vaseline/ sudocreme trick but I'm not convinced it's helping, as they have feathered feet I must be missing bits and getting in a right mess! Anyway, I've been reading that spot on for cats will treat all nasties including scaly leg mite? I have some pipettes in but it's the frontline combo does anyone know if this is safe to use? I've heard 4-6 drops for LF and 3-4 for bantams is that right?


I quite like the idea of using frontline as I have 3 new chickens (still being kept separate) and as they had worms in their droppings after I wormed them :vom: I'm now convinced they have all manner of nasties!


thanks in advance!

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I'm afraid their legs never look quite as good as originally again. :( But yes after a moult they shed the scales and the appearance should improve. My molly and Milly who both had it, still have very pale looking legs. :( Where as my babies Martha, Florence and Penny all have lovely yellow legs! :D


With the Nettex stuff I think you have to treat it twice a week for a couple of weeks? :oops: Can't remember! :lol: Once a month I give them all a squirt....just in case! :D


I haven't used frontline. But I think you can use the frontline, but best check with your vet and I'm not sure about egg withdrawal, if they're laying??

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