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my pekin duck has injured its leg

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hi just looking for advice, my Aylesbury pekin duck has injured its leg, not to sure how its done it, but it is having trouble standing on it let alone walking and using its wings to walk and stabilize itself. It all it seems to do is sit as much as possible all day in one spot, all it feathers have gone a dirty colour and seems to have lost a few . But despite all of that it is eating and drinking. Haven't taken it to a vet because I cant really afford vet bills at the moment .


duck now seems to have like a white mass on one of its eyes, what looks like a white ball of fluid???


Not sure what to do with it??


regards mat

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Hi, sorry to hear about your Pekin's poorly leg. I have two Pekin ducks and last year one of mine had a similar problem. I was really worried so I phoned the breeder for advice.


It seems that Pekins are prone to leg problems as they are quite weighty and it is easy for them to sprain their legs whilst moving around. I was advised to keep her in the run as quiet as possible to give it chance to heal. Geraldine spend a lot of time sitting in the tubtrug of water and the breeder said that was good because it gave her a chance to exercise the leg without weight bearing and to keep the water as deep as possible. It took about two weeks before she was back to normal so you need to be patient.


Also it is probably a good idea to worm your ducks as if they have worms it can cause them to go off their legs. I don't think mine had worms but I did worm them at this time just to be on the safe side.


If I was you I would check the ducks legs gently to make sure there are no broken bones and if you are happy that this is the case, be patient, give here lots of TLC and treats and hopefully she will be fine in a couple of weeks.


Let us know how she progresses.


Regards, Brenda

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I'm no expert on ducks but I think that the leg problem has developed into another problem because your little duck is not able to get to the water, so putting her in the water is a really good thing. Ducks need to keep putting their faces in water so that their eyes are washed and I think that the eye problem you refer to (as well as the dirty feathers) is happening as a result of your wee Pekin not being able to get on the water. A bit of non weight bearing swimming might really help all things.


Do let us know how she does :)

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Well done Santy. I hope that has helped her eye. Muscle / tendon injuries can take quite some time to heal if that is what it is so you might want to keep on popping her in the water - at least once a day. However don't feel bad should you feel she is in a lot of pain and you have to end her suffering. If you feel you are at that juncutre you might find that a local farmer can do the deed for you.

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