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First Egg of the Year : Pure breed

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Having lost out hybrid layers to the fox in summer, we bought 3 pure breed pullets late in August 2012, hoping they might start last year.

Well, they didn't :lol:


The Orpington squatted for me on Saturday, so I thought the first egg was a week to 10 days away. I was out all day Sunday, so didn't see them until I went out this morning and there in the nest box was the first egg, very small.


I suspect it was laid some time yesterday, because we got another this afternoon, slightly larger but still small.



I guess this post is just a bit of encouragement for those waiting or wondering when their hens may start laying, I know it can be frustrating if you have your first brood and are not sure what's going to happen.

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Unfortunately, she laid her last egg on the 10th Feb.


After a couple of days not laying I thought it was fair enough because she'd been busy (5 days in a row). On Friday she'd started to act quite lethargic, so I took her to the breeder on Saturday.


She had sour crop and although she seemed to improve slightly yesterday, she died today. She was a very good looking bird, quite a shame.

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