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WIR. What to do with classic run?

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Hi folks.

My second posting (getting brave). I bought an Eglu Classic with 6ft run and 3ft ext. Sadly I did not reaslise the problems I was going to encounter with putting the glugs/grubs into the run. New knee fitted and OH not so chicken friendly - yet. So I was thinking of buying a WIR from omlet, as I would like to keep to all metal. Was thinking of placing it on slabs plus wood chips with Eglu on outside of WIR. So what to do with the remaining run? I wondered if it can be attached to the WIR (Eglu on one side and run on other, making it two holes in WIR)? Any ideas or suggestions please.

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Thanks for all your answers. Never even thought of the glub/grub stand :doh: But a WIR is still top of the list as I would feel better about leaving the girls out in that when I am at work. Never having been one to sell or give away (garage full to bursting) I always try to put my hand to recycling. So once my OH has recovered from the cost of the Omlet WIR I hope to be able to adapt the WIR and add the original run at the other side and that way it can be used to make the enclosed space for the girls larger or for introducing more girls.

If there is anyone out there who has done that, then don't hesitate to let me know how you achieved it.

Still loving keeping chickens and wish I had started so much sooner. (purple eglu)

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Hi, I had a cube with extended run and then bought the omlet WIR which I love. We attached the cube with its attached run to one end of the WIR and then used the cube run extension on the other end of the WIR. In my case I used the extension for my ducks paddling pool but it works just as well for extra space for your girls. I put the feeders/drinkers in the WIR so no more bad backs. Wish I'd done it sooner but it was a case of saving up. :)

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